I always read the Grapevine and thank you and your staff for keeping it alive and filled with such wonderful information. I know it is a community effort and it is greatly appreciated.
– Valencia
We had a lovely time yesterday (Thanksgiving at Cantina di Carignano) and so appreciate your organizing it.  Otherwise, it would have been a very lonely Thanksgiving for Micheal and me.  Dinner was excellent.  And the fellowship was fantastic.  Thank you.
– Debi
Thank you. We read Grapevine cover to cover, including the advertisements, as soon as it arrives. It brings back fond memories of our family of six’s year 2000 living near Lucca, and all our trips back since then to the Lucca area.
– Mike
Your advertising works well – you may remember it was through seeing an ad for Villa Boccella in the Grapevine 6 years ago that my sister and family and myself stayed there and then that led onto my doing courses there too. So am very grateful to Grapevine!
– Jane
I have to say this again, I read the Grapevine cover to cover and love it.  Invaluable resource.  Thank you for it.
– Maria
Hello, I want to thank you for my translations. I was able to get my Italian citizenship, through blood, on Tuesday at the Italian Consulate in San Francisco. So thank you again for the speedy, accurate translations of my American documents.
– Karen B.

I buy and rely on Grapevine so much whenever we are in Lucca, which has been at least once a year over the last two decades. In recent years, Grapevine has made such a difference to our visits – so the first thing to say is: thank you. I've just retired now, but I was a journalist for many years, on the Financial Times, the BBC and The Times, so I always tend to measure papers on how many things there are you really want to read in each issue. Anything above about three I count as pretty good, so the fact I read Grapevine cover to cover shows what I think.
– Philip B.
Thank you. We will be in Lucca this summer and hope to drop by your office to tell you how much we enjoy Grapevine.
– David P.
Thank you for producing such a wonderful publication which allows me to stay connected to one of my favorite places in the world.  I look forward to every edition!
– Anne
We have just received our first reading of June's Grapevine's issue and we are strangely "homesick". Your writing and the magazine's presentation is wonderful and imaginative with great sensitivity to the local texture.
– Joe
It is a great publication and I wish them to continue - at least for another 20 years.
– Mulino Dominillo
Grapevine is the first thing I buy after we arrive in Bagni di Lucca. I too have kept my copies over the years. Good to know it can now be seen online. Congratulations on the first twenty years of a very attractive and useful publication.
– Diana
Congratulations to the Grapevine. We found it very informative and may it continue for many years to come.
– Jim & Kerry
I have really enjoyed the last two issues of the Grapevine.  I thought the lake and bench view photo on the cover of the most recent one by Silvano was beautiful--and inspiring... A number of my friends and acquaintances have spoken to me recently about renting a villa for two weeks in Northern Italy--maybe coupled with food and wine, and maybe bicycling--as their idea of an ideal vacation:  I keep thinking you are living that life every day.  Good for you! 
– Dave (Colorado)
Can you please tell me when my subscription runs out as I don't want to miss any copies. Thanks!
– B. M.
I find your publication GRAPEVINE highly entertaining, packed with information and concise, thank you.
– Marisa
This issue (December 2012) is really great... it is full of that Christmas feeling which I love!
– M.G.
Voglio complimentarmi per la bella rivista. Nonostante non capisca tutto quello che c’θ scritto, mi sono resa conto di quante indicazioni riesce a dare e quanti argomenti tratta. Ne ho comprate cinque copie, per me, per i miei figli e per due amiche.
– Mara
I picked up a September copy of your magazine when we were in Lucca in September.  I enjoyed the articles and found them to be very interesting and informative.
– James
Thanks for your help as always.  You have been my beacon of light in the Lucca area.
– G. H.
I thought the cover of this month's edition (August 2012, by Richard Claire) was fabulous - congratulations on your choice.
– Jane
Thank you for having sent us this article (July 2012); it is really spectacular
– Mattia Campetti www.iconcertidegliangeli.com
I am very excited because I have just read your article about "day trip" - I think we are going to go!
– Libby and Vincente
Grapevine rocks! I am happy to tell you that I have got a dog sitting assignment thanks to Grapevine!
– Gessjca
Wonderful publication.
– Herbert
Hi, Grapevine is an excellent magazine and I really enjoy being able to read about the cultural side of the area and to keep up to date with events occurring in Lucca and the surrounding towns and cities. 
– Julie
For the Montecarlo journalism prize, "well done and an honor most fitting"
– Linda
When we first arrived in Tuscany 3 years ago we thought that your magazine should be called 'Lifeline' as it helped us to settle down here.
– Chris and John
I just wrote to thank you for the magazine and say how much I liked it, especially the article about the museum. Everything made me long for Italy, which I will visit again someday, when all my animals have "crossed over the rainbow" and I am be free to travel for a few weeks.
– Paula
Your article Imagining Paradise was exceptional!! I wish I could express myself in words and answer... maybe in the future I will!!
– Morena
That sure is a fine foreman cat on the April cover!
– Linda
I went out and bought several copies! My Ralph is immortalized in Italian Journalism (March 2012 page 9)! What a thrill.
– Kim
Thank you for all the hard work you and your team put into producing Grapevine each month. It helps us keep in touch while we are away working in the winter months.
– Keith
Thanks to you we have new members who are more precious than ever because the town doesn’t even pay our postage any more…. Thank you very much and good work to you and your collaborators.
– Lucia, Anglo-Italian Club - Viareggio
I still think Grapevine is THE BEST, and feel completely lost when you are not printing for the one month a year.
– Bernice
Congratulations again on another excellent issue of Grapevine - it is going from strength to strength.
– Jane
I read your February issue of Grapevine and compliment all the staff for your excellent work.
– Morena
About the Grapevine, Kudo's and Congratulations on a fine job. The magazine is fabulous.
– Karen
It's a pretty magazine and deserves to be on coffee tables throughout America!
– A reader
I bought your December issue and now your February edition at the news stand. I will want a subscription when I know I can stay in Italy.
– Kim
I have now read it cover to cover. What a good magazine is developing... Congrats and thank you
– Linda



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